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Top 5 Brands for the Serious Mountain Biker

Shopping for your next mountain bike? You’ve got lots of possibilities. Having too many choices may sometimes be good, but you need solid information to make sense of your options. In our review of the five best mountain bike brands, we’ll cover industry-leading manufacturers and the technologies that define them. 


Ibis Cycles

Based in Santa Cruz, Ibis Cycles is a California-based company that builds mountain bikes. Founded in 1981, Ibis takes its name from the long-legged wading bird inhabiting wetlands throughout the world. The brand has a well-earned reputation for its bikes’ superb aesthetics, crafting, and performance. With a 40-person operation, Ibis produces a small collection of the best mountain bikes in the industry. The Ibis Ripmo is a well-rounded overall trail model with aggressive styling, offering stellar performance on both uphill and downhill riding.

Yeti Cycles

Not to be outdone, Yeti Cycles focuses on innovative designs. While the Colorado company only manufactures a small inventory of bikes, it has a cult following thanks to premium-grade components, finely-tuned suspensions, forward-thinking technologies, and exclusive design features. Hobbyists and professional riders recognize the brand by the vivid turquoise color of the bike frames. 

Yeti’s headquarters are in Golden, a western suburb of Denver. Established in 1985, the brand continues to innovate while remaining true to its roots in off-road racing. The Yeti SB130 is a top-rated mid-travel trail bike that excels on both climbing and downhill runs. 

Polygon Bikes

Founded in 1989, Polygon Bikes offers several outdoor-ready bicycle models. Polygon’s headquarters are in Sidoarjo, a northeastern province of Indonesia. The company started selling its bikes in Southeast Asia before expanding into Australia in 2007. Now owned by bike manufacturer PT Insera Sena, the brand distinguishes itself by its precise control over the manufacturing processes of its bikes. Top models include the Polygon Siskiu, a capable trail bike with versatile performance and a wallet-friendly price tag. 

Giant Bicycles

Giant Bicycles began as an original equipment manufacturer that crafted bikes sold under other brands. If you purchased a Schwinn made in the 1970s, you may have owned a Giant-built bike. The Taiwanese firm released its first self-branded models in 1981, after which it expanded into the European, North American, and global mountain bike markets.

As one of the world’s leading bicycle manufacturers, Giant produces everything from motor-powered e-bikes to rugged and ready mountain bikes. Popular models include the Giant Reign, an enduro bike with smooth suspension action to handle tricky terrain.

Specialized Mountain Bikes

Launched in 1974, Specialized is a California-based brand of mountain bikes. Inspired by West Coast mountain biking culture, the Morgan Hill-based company sums up its approach with its to-the-point motto: “Innovate or Die.”

Specialized devotes much of its focus on aerodynamics, building its own wind tunnel and onsite labs to test critical technological developments. The brand’s XC Series bikes are among its most popular. Ultralight and responsive, these cross-country models include rear suspension tweaks best for endurance and climbing riders. 

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5 Ways To Start Enjoying Mountain E-Biking

So, you’ve decided to try out a new mountain e-bike. E-biking can provide you with virtually all the health and recreational benefits of using a traditional bike – with the added benefit of a little extra help in pedaling. Using an e-bike is a great way to get in shape and reacclimate to being in the great outdoors, so here are five simple ways to start enjoying mountain e-biking.

1. Start Slow

To get started with mountain e-biking, you will want to go slowly, especially if you’ve never used an e-bike before. E-bikes are heavier than traditional bikes, and it can take time to get used to the speeds at which you will be riding. If it is your first time, you may want to choose an e-bike with torque-based sensors, providing a more natural feeling. By starting out with a low level of electrical assistance, you will still be able to enjoy many of the benefits offered by traditional bikes, and warm up to the additional boost you e-bike has to offer.

2. E-Bike Off-Mountain First

Before tackling mountainous terrain, you may want to get used to operating your e-bike. Because of an e-bike’s weight, switching gears is more difficult for many people. For these reasons, it can be better to start riding your e-bike in a flat, open area.

Start riding without assistance at first, and once you get your bike moving and become comfortable, you can turn on the electrical assistance. Be sure the direction you are moving in is free of any obstacles so you can solely focus on riding. Always remember which brake is the front and which is the rear.

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3. Find Out Where You Can and Can’t Ride

Did you know that some places prohibit the use of e-bikes? Even in some national parks and open spaces, e-bikes are regarded as motor vehicles, so you cannot ride them on traditional bike paths. To avoid potential problems, you will need to choose a route in an area where e-biking is legal. Before starting your trip, check with your local park offices so you know where you can and cannot ride beforehand.

4. Bring a Friend

Mountain e-biking on your own can be fun, but if you are a beginner, you may want to consider bringing a friend. Not only will having another person by your side make things more interesting, but it can also help you stay safe in a mountainous or rural area where there may or may not be many people around. Once you get used to operating an e-bike on your own, you can start taking more solo trips.

5. Choose the Right E-Bike

Did you know there are many types of mountain e-bikes available? When browsing for e-bikes for sale, you will want to choose a bike that best suits the terrain you will be riding on. There are various classes of e-bikes, each with different maximum speeds. If you intend to mountain bike, you may want to select a Class 1 or 2 e-bike, which will more than likely be allowable on most nature trails.

Find a Mountain E-Bike You Will Love

If you are ready to get on the trail, [Company Name] can help you find a mountain e-bike you can rely on. We offer a wide range of e-bikes, and we can match you with one you will feel comfortable riding. View our comprehensive selection of bikes today.

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