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Largest In-House Challenges

While creating content in-house at your company may give you extra control, it also comes with major roadblocks.

Read our whitepaper to learn more about the true costs of in-house vs outsourcing. Save time and money by outsourcing your business content writing to us!

Challenge #1

It’s expensive to hire, train, and pay the salaries of those on your in-house team. On average, large businesses save 37% annually when outsourcing to BKA Content.

Challenge #2

Production is capped based on the number of people on your in-house team. Outsourcing content writing allows for the ability to scale to save time, money and resources.

BKA Content helps businesses save an average of 37% annually as opposed to writing content in-house.

Our flexibility creates savings.

Ability to Scale

Our large writing teams allow us to handle projects at scale.

Process Expertise

Outsourcing tasks such as writing content, creating meta tags and editing frees up a lot of resources on your side.


Our vast writing resources allow you to easily increase/decrease order volume without sacrificing time, quality or salary budget.

We provide quality & control.

Account Management

Our account managers work with you to create a style guide which goes over things like tone, voice, and other parameters that produce the quality you expect.


We can take the quality assurance off your plate by having our professional editing team go through your content to ensure it’s publish-ready.

Conveniently simple.

We'll do it all

We’ll train, manage, and give feedback to the writers for you. The days of you having to manage individual writers is over. Your only responsibility is to give direction on the types of content you need and any keyword/topics to focus on.

Plug and Play

We can make content ordering simple by customizing to your existing work flow. We also offer API connectivity to make ordering and delivery even easier.

Ready to get started?

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“I’ve really enjoyed working with BKA, and I’ve found the process to be very smooth. As always, thanks for the speedy turnaround!” – Jessica S.
“We’ve worked with BKA on a variety of projects of all sizes, and they have always delivered quality work on time. Our account manager goes above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied, including responding to emails promptly. BKA has been a great partner for us and we highly recommend them!” – Tiffany F.
“Thanks for your help with quality control, refinement of the process, and being great partners!” – Sean M.