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At BKA Content, we’ve got the drive it takes to create your high-quality automotive industry content. From writing product descriptions for car dealerships and auto parts stores to creating power-packed landing pages for automobile companies in the industry, we have a wide range of experience writing top-performing pieces. Each automotive content writer we work with is experienced, knowledgeable, and highly trained to create original automotive writing pieces to help your company stand out.

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Increase brand awareness and stand out from the competition with our

professional automotive content writing services.

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Increased Automotive SEO

Google decides where your website falls in the search engine results pages based on keyword usage. An automotive content writer uses trending keywords in the automotive industry to ensure you climb the rankings.

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Automobile Industry Expertise

Trending keywords provided by your automotive content strategist can help you climb the rankings, but you’ll need them optimized into great automotive content to see results. Our automotive blog writing services can help do the trick!

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Lead Generation

Our auto content writing services will provide original and engaging content that shows you’re an expert in your industry. This helps potential customers trust your auto business, which makes them more likely to do business with you.

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Brand Recognition

Publishing original content created by a freelance automotive writer establishes your brand by providing you with a wide range of blogs, articles, social media posts, and more. As more people see your content, they will be more likely to recognize and remember your brand.

Our freelance writers have been creating automotive content since 2009 and have a wealth of knowledge about the industry.


Types of Automotive Content Writing Services We Provide

Automotive Articles

SEO Automotive Content

Automotive Blog Writing

Automotive Web Pages

Automotive Social Media Posts

Automotive eBooks

Dealership Marketing Content

Automotive Product Descriptions

Car Dealership Content

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Why Hire BKA Content for Your Automotive Blog Writing Needs?

automotive blog writing services

Automotive Content Writing Experts

Every automotive freelance writer who we work with comes from a diverse background, with different areas of automobile expertise. Our writers walk all paths in life and live all over the United States. This means you’ll always receive original content that offers a unique perspective.

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Personal Account Manager

When you want to hire an automotive content writer, it helps to have an expert by your side. If you choose our managed services plan, you’ll work one-on-one with an account manager who enables you to meet your goals and ensures every piece of automobile service writing you receive is consistent in quality. Our managers work hard and love helping business owners like you get the content you need.

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Automotive Content Without Filler

There’s nothing worse than reading a piece of fluffy content that offers no real information or substance. The automobile content writer you work with will always put in their best effort. Your content will be succinct, factual, and original to help you stand out in the auto industry.

Writing Options For Every Company

BKA Content has worked with small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and everyone in between. We have a wide range of writing and SEO service options for you to choose from, including a la carte self-service, organic SEO packages, and managed SEO writing services, which are available for any company spending at least $1,500 per month with a BKA freelance automotive writer.

#1 in Customer Service

BKA Content has been in operation since 2009. We’ve had nearly 15 years to perfect our methods of SEO writing management to ensure our clients receive the best original, SEO-optimized content. This way, you can grow your business and gain brand recognition thanks to a having the best automotive content writers.

The Best Customer Service

You’re family when you work with the freelance automotive writers at BKA Content. We create personal relationships with each one of our clients. Many clients have worked with us for years. Feel free to check out the outstanding testimonials they’ve left to show their love for our company.


Automotive Content That Focuses on Results

We know that your goal is to bring in more business. An automotive content writer is ready to help you do that through well-written SEO-optimized blogs, web pages, and social media posts. No matter what type of SEO content you purchase, you can count on it being fresh, accurate, and interesting to read.

Automotive Blog Writing That Actually

Gets Results

We have the drive it takes to create professional automotive content for you. Each blog, web page, and social media post boosts your online presence and establishes you as an expert in the industry.

  • Well-researched subjects that are relevant to the automotive industry
  • Engaging titles that bring in clicks
  • Strategically placed keywords that raise your Google rankings
  • Proper use of heading tags
  • Improved SEO blog writing via meta tags and descriptions
automotive blog writing services
car dealership blog writing services

We Provide a Wide Variety of Automotive Content Writing

  • Automotive blog writing
  • Social media posts
  • Automotive website content
  • E-books
  • Newsletters
  • Product descriptions for automobiles
  • How-to guides
  • Informational articles for car dealerships

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Sounds Great, But I Have Some Questions…

How does it work?

You’ll have three options to choose from when you work with BKA Content to buy automotive SEO content writing services.

  • Organic SEO Blog Writing Packages: If you’re building your web presence, you need a steady stream of SEO content. Our organic SEO packages (utilizing monthly blog writing)  help you boost rankings SEO-optimized content helps boost your web traffic and social media presence. This hands-free option leaves all the work to us, so you can focus on other aspects of running your business.
  • Self-Service: If you only need a couple of pieces of automotive content or want to see what we can do before fully committing, you can order from our self-service page. Simply choose your keywords, name your word count, and provide any other details you have. We’ll do everything else. You can find self-service options on our online content shop and quickly get some automotive content writing examples.
  • Managed Writing Services: If you spend at least $1,500 per month with us, you’re eligible for our managed services plan. This provides you with a personal account manager and is best for companies with many automotive content writing projects.

How can you provide effective automotive content if you're not in the automotive industry?

We’ve been writing automotive content for nearly 15 years. Every freelance automotive writer we work with takes pride in offering quality content. We’ve written for small businesses and large corporations and learned plenty along the way. We thoroughly research the topic of every automotive article we write, and many of our writers even specialize in specific verticals, so you always have new content. You can see some of our previous clients on our homepage.

How much does your automotive content writing service cost?

The cost of our automotive content depends on which plan you choose. Our options include pricing per word, monthly subscriptions, and managed services.

  • Self-Service Plans: We price our a la carte options by word. Per-word articles cost 7.5 cents to 15.5 cents per word, with the actual cost depending on your requirements and the type of content you want. You can find pricing on the content shop page.
  • Organic SEO Blogging Packages: Our hands-free monthly blogging subscription costs between $375 and $1,499 per month, depending on which plan you choose and how many automobile blog articles you want per month.
  • Managed Services: If you spend at least $1,500 per month with us, you can sign up for a managed services plan and work with a personal account manager. This is a great fit for car dealerships and automotive companies that have a lot of content they’d like to create.

When can I expect to see the content I ordered?

If you purchase automotive blog writing through the online content shop, expect to receive it in your email in seven to 10 business days. It will be thorough, on-brand, and high-quality.

If you use our monthly blog writing subscription service, you’ll receive an email from a dedicated account manager within 24 hours. We’ll start your project by reviewing your goals.

If you sign up for managed writing services, we will build an entire team of freelance automotive writers to provide you with the custom options you need.

Who are your automotive content writers?

We choose our automobile content writers depending on their skill levels, sentence flow, and topic comprehension. Our writers come from all types of backgrounds and live all over the United States. The main theme is their passion for everything to do with the automotive industry. However, not just anybody can work for BKA Content. Our automotive writers undergo a rigorous application and training process to ensure we work with only the best of the best.

Who owns the finished automotive content?

Once you receive your automotive content, you own it and can do anything you want with it. However, we have found that companies that post the content they receive within three business days are more successful in gaining keyword rankings, web traffic and sales.


What about plagiarism?

BKA Content has each freelance automotive content writer sign a strict no-plagiarism policy. The content you receive will always be 100% original.

Can I pick the automotive writers I work with?

Our automotive content writing services are meant to be as seamless as possible. We know our automotive writers well and assign specific teams or writers to each project depending on their knowledge, experience, and dedication to the topic. You don’t need to worry, though. Our automotive writing team will always provide high-quality content that leaves you free to focus on your other business goals. In certain instances, specific freelance automobile writers may be assigned per your request.

How does your automotive writing help set me apart?

We have a results-driven content writing strategy for every piece of content that we create. We research trends in the automotive industry, find which keywords on trending on Google, and incorporate this information into the content we create for you. Whether you’re a car dealership or an auto parts dealer, we go to great lengths to ensure we know what will help you climb the Google search engine results pages and implement best practices into our writing so you can benefit from a steady stream of quality content.

What type of automotive content have you written in the past?

We have written automotive content for a wide range of companies that range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. This includes automotive product and category descriptions for ecommerce for companies like AutoZone and O’Reilly auto parts. We’ve also worked with many car dealerships helping them market their services through monthly automotive blog writing services. We have a wide range of experience that benefits all types of companies in the automotive industry. We are true experts at what we do, and there is not anything we can’t write for the automotive industry.

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