what is compound seo

What Is Compound SEO?

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It’s easy to recognize the importance of search engine optimization when 93% of all web traffic starts with an online search. However, keeping up with ever-changing methods can feel like climbing uphill. Compound SEO can help. What is compound SEO? It’s a long-term strategy that helps your site create a snowball effect in winning more and more rankings on the search engine results pages.

What Is Compound SEO (and How Does It Involve Snowballs)?

If you’ve ever built a giant snowball, you know it starts small. Rolling it takes time and effort, but as you work, it grows.

Unlike short-term methods such as pay-per-click advertising, compound SEO is in it for the long haul, with its benefits growing over time. You build your “snowball” by adding and maintaining high-quality content. The more excellent content you add, the more it boosts your site overall. Just like rolling a snowball, though, it takes time. Work consistently on your site, and you will see results.

What Are the Fundamentals of Compound SEO?

Compound SEO

How do you start building your snowball? By understanding what compound SEO’s four elements are.

1. Providing High-Quality Content

Excellent content delivers value. It informs readers, carries authority and is industry-relevant.

Good content also delivers value. It enhances your site and helps you rank consistently for a variety of keywords. It provides stability even when Google changes its algorithms thousands of times yearly. Follow these guidelines to make quality content.

Study Your Target Audience

Learn about your target readers. Who do you want to reach? What are their search intentions? Google’s natural language processing algorithms work to understand the context and meaning behind user queries, so to rank high, you need this information.

Do Your Research

It’s time to fact-find. Investigate keywords to determine what compound SEO elements call up high-ranking content. Which questions do your readers want answered?  Ensure you address them, then use your focus keyword in an attention-grabbing headline. Content writers can help you with this big step.

Break It Up

Make your content easy to read. Giant blocks of text are no fun. Break it up with headings,  bullet points and visuals. Use natural language to improve readability and help Google’s NLP algorithms recognize your context.

Pro tip: Add alt text to your visuals. First, it increases accessibility for low-vision readers. Second, it gives web crawlers contextual information to improve indexing and ranking.

2. Delivering Technical Elements of SEO

Technical SEO develops your website’s architecture, making it easy for search engines to find and readers to navigate. It involves behind-the-scenes work to add what compound SEO technical elements you need.

Rev Up Your Site Speed

Increase your site’s speed by optimizing images, using a content delivery network and minifying CSS and JavaScript files.

Make It Safe and Mobile-Friendly

Use HTTPS to assure your audience that security matters. Make your site mobile-friendly by using a responsive layout, spacing out links to make them easy to click, decluttering web design and using readable fonts.

Keep It Clear

Help web crawlers find and index your site with internal links and a sitemap.

3. Creating and Maintaining Backlinks

Backlinks are links on other webpages that link to your site. They are vital SEO elements because they increase your authority. Backlinks are votes that tell search engines, “This is good stuff.” The more backlinks or “votes” you have, the higher your site ranks.

What Is Compound SEO? We Have Your Answers

Let us build your compound SEO plan.

How do you get another site to find you, see your awesome content and link to it? Sometimes it happens organically; an author for a trusted site finds your content and wants to link to it. It’s a reward for your hard work.

However, as you may imagine, sometimes getting backlinks requires proactivity.

Write Guest Posts

Offer to write guest posts for authoritative sites in your industry and niche. However, dodge spammy, low-quality sites that want a fee.

Monitor for Broken Links

If broken links to your site exist, reach out to the linking site’s owner. Offer to replace the broken link with updated information or ask site owners to correct broken ones.

Change Up Your Anchor Text

What is compound SEO’s relationship to anchor text? It requires diversification. Your anchor text should fit naturally with your content and the linked site. Avoid using keywords as links — search engines can penalize you for an exact match.

Get Into Directories

Submit your site to local and industry-specific directories. They can create high-quality backlinks that help people find you — 97% of search engine users look online for local businesses.

4. Staying Consistent

what is compound seo

You’ve added great content to your site, brought your technical SEO up to par and built a network of backlinks. Congratulations — it’s time to begin reaping the rewards of compound SEO!

However, you still must focus on the last element: consistency. Growing your snowball means keeping the momentum.

How do you maintain consistency? By continuing the fabulous work you’ve begun.

Add New Content

You know what compound SEO does for your business, so keep adding high-quality content. Publish new blog posts or web pages regularly — weekly or a few times a month. We know this can cut into your time, but BKA can help. We’ll create relevant, engaging blog posts on your schedule.

Update Existing Content

Go through your site, going back through the first three steps:

  1. Revise dated information. Add or change keywords as necessary.
  2. Ensure your page speed is optimized.
  3. Look for broken links.

Once you’ve checked these areas, consider adding more value with multimedia elements such as video, tables or infographics.

How Do You Know Compound SEO Is Working?

You can measure your success in a few ways:

  • Your organic search traffic and rankings increase.
  • Your audience spends more time on your website.
  • Your conversion rate increases.

These are long-term results, so hang in there — it can take a few months.

How Can SEO Be a Long-Term Investment?

SEO elevates SERP rankings over time, not as a quick fix.

Conducting research, posting good content and maintaining your site is methodical. It also takes Google time to crawl and index your pages. However, the long-term results pay off. SEO leads have a close rate of more than eight times that of traditional marketing.

What Is Compound SEO? It’s Our Specialty

At BKA, we’ve answered the question of what compound SEO is many times with success. We create quality content, track and monitor your existing content, refresh and revisit old content and build white-hat backlinks. Start your compound SEO strategy today.     

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