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The Best 5 Options for No-Contract SEO in 2024

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If you are like many business owners, you understand the value of an SEO strategy. Most companies (90%) plan to expand their SEO investments in part because the average SEO marketing return on investment is 22:1 or 2,200% in a field where a good ROI is 5:1. However, you may want to work with a company that offers no-contract SEO.

What Is No-Contract SEO

Many businesses, particularly small businesses, prefer no-contract SEO. This option allows you to choose and adapt your SEO outsourcing without signing a contract. For example, you may find that you need to change your website before SEO will work.

In addition, companies define SEO differently, which could lead you to misunderstand the services you purchase. Also, your needs as a company may change, requiring you to change your strategy. In addition, you can obtain ownership of all the work your SEO company does on your behalf because these products become assets that accrue in value for your company.

1. BKA Content

SEO without a contract

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BKA Content values family, integrity, quality, fun and giving. This company has received several industry awards, including placement in Utah’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies for four years and gratitude for much charitable giving and support. The company provides a dedicated account manager and SEO services that are scalable, flexible, custom, reliable, optimized, affordable, high quality and integrated with your current processes. You can find the following no-contract SEO services:

  • Monthly plans that include SEO content creation, keyword research and analytics
  • SEO writing services
  • Small project options (one-off projects) with no minimums and fast turn times
  • Customized plans (a la carte options)

BKA Content also provides high-quality white hat link building, which is highly valuable because companies that hold the first position on Google tend to have at least 3.8 times more backlinks than those directly below them. In addition, only 5% of websites have backlinks, and only 2.2% have multiple unique backlinks. Many companies find link building to be the most challenging aspect of SEO, so many (60%) outsource this process.

2. TopHatRank

TopHatRank is an atypical internet marketing firm that started small in Los Angeles in 2009. Today, this company is nationally recognized with multiple awards, including Interactive Marketing Awards for Best Low Budget Campaign and Best SEO Campaign. The company has worked with Bombas, Beyond Yoga, The Walking Dead and Student Loan Hero. TopHatRank offers website enhancements, keyword analysis, SEO audits, local SEO as well as content marketing, curation and development.

Most companies (75%) expected to increase their content marketing expenditures in 2022. These are some statistics you should know about successful businesses and their use of content marketing:

  • 62% have a content marketing strategy
  • 90% analyze the performance of their content
  • 57% outsource their content and strategy
  • 75% believe content increases loyalty
  • 64% use it to gain high-quality leads

Many small businesses prefer no-contract SEO with content creation options.

3. OneClick SEO

OneClick SEO opened in 2013 and rebranded in 2017. The company has several awards, including Top Inbound Marketing Company, New Orleans. The company specializes in real estate, healthcare and local SEO as well as SEO web design. However, OneClick SEO also offers backlink services, technical SEO, social media marketing and content production. The company focuses on organic SEO.

In 2022, consumers pursued internet searches at a 20% higher rate than in 2021. Did you know that 73% of the websites these consumers click on are the result of organic web listings? This is why most (90%) companies will focus more on their organic search SEO than in previous years. However, this process requires that companies increase their keyword usage by at least 20% because this increase drives a much higher response (120% more clicks without media fees).

Expert No-Contract SEO To Save You Time and Money

We offer monthly SEO service renewals or one-off projects without a long-term contract.

4. Actual SEO Media, Inc.

Actual SEO Media, Inc. services people in the Houston, TX area, but not exclusively. The company’s values include providing high-quality service and ensuring that its customers have all the information they need to build a solid, customized marketing plan that allows its clients to reach large-scale markets. The company serves companies such as Don Hines Ford in Indianapolis, Mel Northey Company, Fusion Inc. and Titan Business Suites. Because the company prioritizes your success, Actual SEO Media, Inc. offers a wide range of no-contract SEO services.

  • Content marketing, curation and development
  • Website enhancements, including mobile-friendly upgrades
  • Keyword analysis and research
  • Social media and digital marketing
  • Backlink services.

Most companies have some form of social SEO strategy. However, it may not be extensive enough to reach their target audiences. For example, 81% and 69% of adults use YouTube and Facebook, respectively. However, 18–29-year-olds prefer Instagram (71%), Snapchat (65%) and TikTok (50%). Most Americans (79%) visit social media sites, and 46% and 54% say they check Twitter and YouTube, respectively, multiple times each day.

5. Ottaway Digital Communications

no-contract SEO

Founded in 1999, Ottaway Digital Communications has an in-house staff in its Detroit, MI, headquarters. This full-service marketing agency offers several services, including social media marketing, content marketing, lead generation and various no-contract SEO services. Some of Ottaway Digital Communication’s clients include Ashley Homestore, GT Scrap Recycling and GE Payroll Services.

This firm prides itself on being a local company, and local information is the focus of 46% of searches on Google. In fact, 97% and 86% of consumers search for local businesses and their locations, respectively, and 72% of these searches lead to visits to the local business if they are within five miles of the company, and 86% use Google Maps to find their locations. Mobile searches are significantly location-related, and 78% of these customers make in-store purchases. Most consumers (72%) conduct local searches and learn about local merchants before they visit a store.

Why Choose Our Team for No-Contract SEO?

Although SEO efforts can take several months to show a solid return on investment, our no-contract SEO tends to offer faster. We become true collaboration partners who can produce long-term results that we can track. We use our analysis to adjust or update your SEO services as necessary. Don’t forget the SEO ranking benefits of our high-quality white-hat link-building services, all of which you can gain while keeping the ability to change and adapt your plan as needed. Find out how we can help you meet your SEO goals.

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